"JaniExpress Resolves each of our client's demands with a full range of cutting edge janitorial services customized to meet each unique cleaning challenge"

Office: San Diego, CA

Mail: P.O. Box 1483, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Local Phone: (760) 231-7681 ▪ Toll-free: 1-888-984-6267

Email: info@janiexpress.com

NAICS: (Primary # 561720)

# 423840 # 423850 # 424690

# 424130 # 561740 # 322291

SIC: (primary # 7349)

Professional Cleaning & Janitorial Services

JaniExpress - High Quality Cleaning and Janitorial Maintenance Services

We insure the delivery of long-term, high-quality professional cleaning & janitorial services to a full spectrum of work environments, including: Healthcare Facilities, Commercial & Industrial Buildings, Retail Establishments, Banks, Corporate Offices, Universities and Schools.

Certified Minority Business Enterprise

At JaniExpress, Diverse, Trustworty Staff

JaniExpress is a certified Minority Business Enterprise. As a result of our certification, we provide your Business with unique opportunities such as increased contracting opportunities, agility, operating cost savings, tax benefits, and brand awareness. We believe supporting diversity is a natural outgrowth of supporting community, and this belief in diversity extends to our own staff, not just management.

Specialized Cleaning Services Available

JaniExpress special cleaning services available

At JaniExpress, we specialize in so much more than just standard janitorial services or building maintenance. We can also provide special flooring care, kitchen services, and many more specialized cleaning services! See the complete list on our Special Cleaning Page.


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