Growing pains?

US Companies and Small Businesses are growing rapidly each day. Jani Express can help evaluate and suggest the products & chemicals that best fit for your facilities needs by providing a FREE survey.

No more running on low TP headaches!

Jani Express will take the ordering of supplies off your plate by monitoring, ordering and even restocking the restrooms anytime. We implement a scanning process that allows us to keep a close eye on what’s on hand and what will be needed soon. IF you do run out we get it there, sometimes even the same day.

H2H= Here to help!

We offer a FREE comprehensive proposal and suggested product list that will include pricing so you can compare apples to apples to your current vendors. In many cases we are very competitive. One key factor is there are “no long term” contracts with Jani Express.

You Be the HERO!

Setting you up and saving you on the bottom line is our goal. We have saved our customers hundreds to thousands of dollars each year just by looking at their monthly invoiced orders. We also offer FREE basic dispensers with your order. Save Now!!

Get a Free Quick Quote!

Below is a quick snapshot of the high quality products for supply for our clients. If you have custom requests, do let us know.