Operations Plan

JaniExpress Janitorial and Operational Maintenance Plans

Janitorial & Maintenance Operations Plans

Our intent is to provide the immediate availability of our management’s experience and our companies resources in order to create your janitorial and maintenance operations plan. To assist in the delivery of consistent, high-quality cleaning services, we offer the following:

  • Regular inspection visits by the area supervisor, or the Operations Manager to assure that the program is functioning to your satisfaction an contract specifications.
  • An experienced crew for the day-to-day operation of your program. The crew chief will have an excellent background and be qualified to train cleaning staff.
  • A written procedure for problem resolution. Yes, our company actually acknowledges that we might have an occasional problem. But instead of saying, “we’ll take care of it,” you get a real response.
  • The preliminary tour of your facility will be conducted during the week preceding start-up. JaniExpress’ Operations Manager will direct all initial operations. We will closely monitor the cleaning “start-up” to be certain that you are satisfied with the service, and that all particulars regarding the cleaning specifications are met.

It is our conviction that consistent supervision and communication are the keys to the success of any cleaning program.